Corpnation Educates GSTS Students On Positive Use Of Social Media, Harnessing Talents, Study-Life-Balance


A leading Showbiz organisation in the Western and Central Regions, Corpnation commenced the much publicized ‘Corp Tour’ with Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) last Saturday 21st October, 2017.

Led by Saviour Adzika, known in Showbiz as Sayvee, ‘Corp Tour’ which seeks to educate students on off curriculum but immensely important subjects such as electrical safety, positive use of social media, savings and investments, harnessing talents, study-life-balance, amongst others aims to tour all the senior high schools in the Western Region.

Speaking to the Students on harnessing talents, Nana Kwesi Coomson, CEO of www.233times.com lectured the Students on what talent is and how to harness the various talents of the students.

Yao Mawutor Fianu, Paragon FM’s mid-morning show host also spoke about study-life-balance.

Sayvee spoke on electrical safety and reducing risk and hazards. Lecturing on how to identify risks and electrical faults, Sayvee spoke extensively on the need to pay attention to the hazards matrix.

Kofi Cephas, CEO of www.hypinghana.com as well lectured on the positive use of social media. He spoke about online branding as well and the myriads of opportunities online.

On savings and investment, Mathew Nimo of Women’s World Bank told the GSTS Students to cultivate the habit of savings and investment at this early stage so that they could become financially independent very early in life.

Dubbed 100% edutainment, the students also witnessed performances from Sayvee, ‘Koti’ hit crooner Ayesem and ‘Takoradi’ hit crooner Papa Elliot.

Chrisland TV, DJ Saint, Dollar Bills Promotions, Red mango apartments are proud sponsors of ‘Corp Tour’


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